A project Web Solutions LLC finished for College of Western Idaho for their television slideshows
Thumbnail 1: This is a slide with events
Thumbnail 2: This is a slide with full screen text
Thumbnail 3: This is a slide that has a custom text featurette

TV Slideshow

Interactive Demo

Organization: College of Western Idaho

Objective: Create a design based off user feedback from surveys that we conducted as a team.

Results: From the surveys that the web design team conducted, we found out that the previous layout wasn’t being viewed because of the clutter in the screens. So we came up with three different arrangements that are easy on the eyes, clean web design, and less cluttered with text. The first layout is an events layout where content contributors can describe events that a club or organization within College of Western Idaho is holding. The second arrangement is a full-screen image, and the third design is a layout similar to the events layout, but this one comes with a custom text featurette where content contributors can quickly add what they need to as far as club information, more information about events, and more.

We used Drupal 7 for these slides and created and designed a custom theme implementation of the Zen Framework for Drupal.

Link: https://cwidaho.cc/announcement-displays/marketing-suite

A project Web Solutions LLC finished for College of Western Idaho for their new Military Science program

Military Science

Organization: College of Western Idaho

Objective: Design a page for College of Western Idahos new program Military Science (Army ROTC).

Results: We added new elements to CWIs’ program pages, for example, the images that you see in the column layout. We thought this would be appropriate since it would better showcase the program. Since its inception, the program gets 2000+ views per month and has a high interaction rate from our students and potential students.

Link: https://cwidaho.cc/program/military-science-army-rotc

A project Web Solutions LLC designed for College of Western Idahos policies and studenthandbook pages

Policies Wireframe

Organization: College of Western Idaho

Objective: Design a wireframe that best displays policies and student handbook information

Results: Previously faculty and students would have to download a PDF of the policies and student handbooks. What would happen is users would end up downloading the wrong files. So we designed a layout that would display the information so users could read and make sure they have the right policy. We also recommended and implemented a search function for the policies to improve the user experience.

Link: Policies and Procedures

A project Web Solutions LLC finished for Cot Spa Covers

Cot Spa Covers

Organization: Cot Spa Covers

Objective: Create a simple business page for Cot Spa Covers that conveyed pertinent information about the business.

Results: Cot Spa Covers original website expired, and the company that managed it previously was being elusive. So they came to us and requested a quick website at a very affordable price. We went through a few revisions until our client Cot Spa Covers was satisfied with their new website.

Link: http://cotspacovers.com/

A project Web Solutions LLC finished for Gentleman's Vape

Gentleman's Vape

Organization: Gentleman's Vape

Objective: Create a business page for a business in Texas that showed in store products and more.

Results: The owner of the business was satisfied with their website and loved it. Unfortunately, the FDA released new regulations for vaping and this business is no longer operating due to the cost of these new regulations.

Web Solutions LLC created this website to bring awareness to endangered animals and we regularly donate to high quality charities.


Organization: Web Solutions Donations

Objective: Create a website about the charity that Web Solutions LLC provides.

Results: 5% of what you pay for your services goes to wildlife charities. We created a new slideshow layout that conveys information about animals that are on the verge of extinction. Web Solutions, LLC has donated over $300 to charities, and we plan to give much more in the coming months and future.

Link: http://wildlife.getforge.io/